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ACM Greenhouses

ACM Greenhouses was founded in 1986 in San Javier, Spain. Within less than 30 years it has become the main glass and plastic greenhouse manufacturer in Spain.

That is why ACM Greenhouses offers a wide range of:


ACM Greenhouses is a worldwide leading company in turn-key greenhouse projects as well as in shading net projects. ACM Greenhouses offers all type of agriculture’s technology for greenhouses and agricultural input that might be necessary for obtaining the best performance you may ever expect: no matter if regarding glass or plastic greenhouse structures, monitoring or control systems, climate screen systems, irrigation or heating systems. ACM Greenhouses is an organization you may trust in due to its experience and knowledge on horticulture, flower growing and agriculture. When it is about some specific and custom needs, the ACM Turn-Key Greenhouse Project Department will provide you with an appropriate and optimum solution taking into account agricultural technology as well as agronomic support.

ACM Greenhouses offers a wide range of advising and technological support services for:

  1. Feasibility studies for project investments previous to the purchase.
  2. Agricultural technology and know how for greenhouses.
  3. Construction, supervising and installation.
  4. Agronomic support from the planning to the harvesting.
  5. Monitoring of agricultural cultivation.
  6. Marketing and logistics for final products.

ACM Greenhouses is a pioneer and worldwide leading company in greenhouses, screens, heating and dripping irrigation projects, and we are one of the most traditional and at the same time - innovative agro-technology companies in the world.

Compromised with your project

In all the projects you may benefit from technological knowledge, vast experience and worldwide presence of ACM Greenhouses. We contribute with our wide knowledge on the market, crop and each zone climate conditions.

ACM Greenhouses, through its extensive knowledge on our clients regional and market conditions - in combination with ACM own engineering - achieves and develops excellent greenhouse technology solutions for all of our customers.

International Presence

ACM Greenhouses as a worldwide leading international company is present with its greenhouse projects in more than 20 countries all over the world. We have 3 productive factories and we enjoy a very well-known worldwide trading presence by means of our distributors.

ACM Greenhouses is a company dedicated to exporting and international markets, employing around 200 of persons with more than 10% of them working for the Investigation and Research & Development Department.

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