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Middle East
    ACM Greenhouse, a pioneer in high-technology equipments for greenhouses, ACM Greenhouse has carried out projects on the five continents: America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

    Among others, we have managed to develop and install the largest project made of glass in Europe in 2004, with its surface exceeding 12 hectares. Moreover, ACM Greenhouse has the most sophisticated project in Asia in its assets - precisely in China that, in technological terms, takes advantage of the newest advances in agricultural technology and the best qualities available on the market.
    Our professional experience endorses us, we count as our clients: the best productive companies in the horticultural business in Europe, Eastern Europe, and Middle East. Nowadays, we continue opening new markets all over the world that makes us different from our competitors, because we know how to optimize technology in order to adjust to the local demands or requirements for each client.
    We adjust ourselves to each client requirements, as we always put client’s needs first, offering and caring out projects starting from the simplest technology such as in case of our projects in Africa to the projects that require the most sophisticated innovations such as those realized in Europe or China.
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